About Us

DNS (Hull) Ltd. began trading in 2005, we were formerly known as Data Networking Supplies Ltd. Data Networking Supplies were as it says in the name, solely a wholesale supply company, selling cable, cabinets, patch panels, switches and all components that are required for cable installations.

Our background is predominantly data cabling, and after a relatively short time trading as a supply company, we were asked by several of our customers about undertaking the installation of the equipment they were purchasing. We therefore felt we needed to incorporate this aspect to our work and this led to the emergance of the new company, DNS (Hull) Ltd. Together we have over 30 years knowledge and experience within the industry.

In the early days, our installs consisted of Thin Wire Ethernet, Thick LAN and Twin Ax Cables, as the industry advanced Cat 3 and Cat 5 came into the market, we have continuously strived to evolve with the industry and are now installing Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, and to reflect the most recent advances, we now also install Cat 7.

As a company we are committed to health & safety, and in 2009 we gained CHAS Accreditation.

In order to comply with all aspects of health & safety we consult with ARC Associates UK to ensure that we are adhering to the latest policy and guidance. As part of our health & safety policy, we undertake full risk assessments, which also incorporate method statements. In addition to this, all employees are members of the Client Contractor National Safety Group (CCNSG), and hold safety passports endorsed by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board. We continually strive to identify opportunities to raise health & safety standards.

As we regularly work within environments where children and vunerable adults are present, all employees are fully CRB checked.